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EasyPark Mobile, complete parking system for cities

Saves time, gasoline, air pollution and traffic congestion.
It is based on SaaS methodology with core placed in the Amazon Cloud.

Many advantages to improve services for citizens

Integrate & Support many payment gateways and mobile operators

EasyPark Mobile is an advanced pay-by- phone parking solution that out of the box supports many payment methods and telecom providers.

supported payment methods
data visualisation


Data is the driving force behind any management decision and parking management is no exception.

Many BI reports, graphs, pie charts, animations and heat maps are available out of the box and new custom ones can be created.

Why EasyPark
is so unique

Benefits for Drivers

Economical, simple registration, easy to use, broad choice of user interfaces, information for free parking spaces, real-time navigation to the selected park, preipaid and postpaid subscription packages

Benefits for the City

Application for smartphones, automatic location of the parking zone, online checking and regularity of parking, simple-in-place the issuing, easy reporting to the police

Parking Inspection

Simple system set up, low maintenance cost, low cost of operating services, enviromentally friendly, flexible definitions of parking zones, simple distribution of messages, open interfaces for integration, reduction of the city crowd

Towing and Clamping Module

Towing/clamping zones configuration, tracks planning and managment, multiple check-in-check-out lots, central managment, map with current car and officer status. automatic reporting

Trusted by our customers

Emilia Clarke
"EasyPark Mobile can be used in all towns and locations on the island."
Emilia Clarke
"EasyPark Mobile can be used in Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo."
Emilia Clarke
"EasyPark Mobile can be used in Cotonou, the city of Benin."

Bermuda 2013 TechAward Winner

easypark bermuda award press release

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