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We are proud of our portfolio and in-depth knowledge in various business domains
Smart City, e-Commerce, Agriculture, Retails, State Administration and much more.

KRPAN B2B Portal for Partners

This portal purpose is to serve as first line support for KRPAN service and reseller Partners, enabling to register sales, rising tickets, chat etc.   Technology: Angular 5, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Jasper, SQL Server

Connect 3000 Terminals Management System

OTI’s TMS portal enable administrators to manage Connect 3000 terminals, which connect the vending machines to remote servers. Technology: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Microsoft .Net, Crystal Reports, SQL Server, Azure Cloud

EasyPark USA Portal

EasyPark USA Portal is a portal set to enable end clients to use EasyPark parking services in USA and Canada. It includes various payment, shipment and other integrations.   Technology: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Laravel, PHP, MySQL

Mercator Special Promotions

This module integrates into Mercator G.O.LD. backend solution, extends its standard Special Promotions module with many custom functionalities to enable preparing, launching and managing retail promotions issued to the shops in Slovenia.   Technology: Java SE, Applets, SWING, Oracle Database

slovenian railways project portfolio
Slovenian Railways Web-Ticketing application

This web application enables the passengers to extend their weekly/monthly/yearly ticket, loaded on the contactless chip card. The payment is done through integration with MegaPOS payment processor, accepting all local payment methods.   Technology: AngularJS, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Jasper, MySQL, SQL Server

arsktrp project portfolio
A.R.S.K.T.R.P – Market information system (TIS)

TIS Market Information System is a system through which external users (business or private entities) periodically submit reports for an individual market of ARSKTRP interest.   Technology: AngularJS, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Jasper, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Database

FERMION project portfolio
FERMION – Financial Enterprise Risk Management Application

FERMION is a comprehensive enterprise risk management application, supporting all parts of the risk management process in the organization.   Technology: AngularJS, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Jasper, Mathlab, MySQL

R-Cap project portfolio
R-Cap – Electricity Markup calculation application

R-Cap is intended for management boards and experts dealing with electricity sales. It provides transparent pricing structure and protection against risks in the industry where risks are unlimited downwards and price margins are very low.   Technology: AngularJS, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Pentaho BI, MySQL

easypark mobile project app
EasyPark Mobile

EasyPark Mobile is a complete parking system designed to manage on-street parking zones and arranged off-street parking lots in municipalities and cities, based on SaaS methodology with core placed in the Amazon Cloud.   Technology: Bootstrap, ExtJS, Tomcat, Play framework, Asterisk, Oracle Database, Android, iOS, Amazon Cloud

human resources and finances planning project portfolio
Human Resources Planning and Financial Management applications

Human Resources Planning and Financial Management applications for one of the ministries in Serbia.   Technology: Java, Spring, Angular, MS SQL, Pentaho

supreme court of slovenia project portfolio
iVpisnik, Supreme Court of Slovenia

Technical renovation of the Supreme Court central application iVpisnik.   Technology: Java Swing, Open Office, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Database, Tamino XML Document Server

easypark project portfolio
EasyPark Bermuda

EasyPark Bermuda mobile app enables you to use EasyPark parking system in Bermuda.   Technology: Android, iOS, Firebase

prishtina parking project portfolio
Prishtina Parking

Prishtina Parking mobile app enables you to use EasyPark parking system in Prishtina, Kosovo.   Technology: Android, iOS, Firebase

My Cotonou app project portfolio
My Cotonou

My Cotonou mobile app enables you to use EasyPark parking system in Cotonou, Benin.   Technology: Android, iOS, Firebase

Piaf Mobile project app portfolio
Piaf Mobile

Piaf Mobile mobile app enables you to use EasyPark parking system in France.   Technology: Android, iOS, Firebase

lifewatch cardiac project portfolio
LifeWatch Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry application

The Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry (ACT) system is designed for self-testing by patients at home and for analysis by medical professionals at a remote Monitoring Center.   Technology: Android

print data secure project portfolio
Print Data Secure

Print Data Secure is a document security platform that enables governments, businesses, and other entities who issue digital and paper documents to plug revenue leakages and strengthen the integrity of the documents they issue.   Technology: .NET, Windows Forms, MVC, SQL Server, Azure Cloud

PDS Verify project app portfolio
PDS Verify

PDS Verify is a convenient QR code verification application used for verifying any PDSecured QR code.   Technology: Flutter, Android, iOS

ATHR project app portfolio

Application for monitoring the success of treatment of children with growth hormone.   Technology: Flutter, Android, iOS

internic portal project portfolio

Renovation of Internic Portal for Interspace Ltd, designed for internet domains management by the end customers.   Technology: PHP, Laravel

club prima project portfolio
Club Prima

Club Prima is an CMS / eCommerce portal of Studio Moderna, offering content and services of different vendors, targeting 30+ population with active living style.   Technology: WordPress, WooCommerce, LAMP

cebedot project portfolio

CeBeDot is a unique, high quality and user-friendly product with which you can enjoy what nature has to offer through the use of cutting-edge technology.   Technology: WordPress, WooCommerce, LAMP

kosh meat project portfolio
KOSH meat

KOSH Meat is a portal for meat manufactory company in Canada.   Technology: WordPress, WooCommerce, Subscriptions, LAMP

dentista project portfolio
Dentista Slovenia

A portal for dental ordination in Slovenia.   Technology: WordPress, LAMP

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